Expeditions: Viking

Blättere im Geschichtsbuch. Erzähle uns von deinen Spieleabenteuern aus Antike, Mittelalter und den großen Weltkriegen.
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Re: Expeditions: Viking

Beitrag von writingbull » 8. Mai 2017, 15:18

Zu Expeditions:Viking haben wir jetzt auch einen Shoplink bei Gamesplanet. Aktuell mit 15% Rabatt. ;-)
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Re: Expeditions: Viking

Beitrag von masetoall » 13. September 2017, 19:06

Wer wollte nicht schon mal WB als Held in seinem Spiel steuern? :D

Auszug aus den Steam-Patch-Notes:

Custom portraits
In version 1.0.6, all portraits are now loaded from your Documents directory in the folder \My Games\Expeditions Viking\Custom Portraits. If you want to add your own portraits to the game, you must create 5 different versions of each portrait in specific sizes and place them in that directory. The first time you launch the game in 1.0.6, it will write all our portraits into that folder, and you can use those portraits to see how it needs to be set up.

New portraits must meet the following requirements:
The files can be either .png or .jpg.
Each portrait's filename must end with a keyword that reflects its size: Large, Medium, Small, Tiny, or Camping.
Female portraits must contain the word "Female" anywhere in the filename. Otherwise the portrait will be treated as male (because patriarchy).
Note that the Camping portraits contain a frame. You can just cut that out of an existing portrait with your image editing software of choice.
You can overwrite an existing portrait by simply replacing its files with a set of identically named files in that folder.
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