Neuer Patch 1.1.0 (16.11.2017)

Der Weltraum. Unendliche Weiten. Wir schreiben das Jahr ... oh, falsches Universum! Hier startet ihr mit Endless Space in galaktische Abenteuer. Beam me up!
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Neuer Patch 1.1.0 (16.11.2017)

Beitrag von luxi68 » 16. November 2017, 23:06

Für Endless Space 2 gibt es einen neuen Patch, der gleichzeitig auch ein kostenloses DLC mitbringt:
Galactic Statecraft.

Im Spoiler findet ihr die Patch-Notes auf englisch:
Spoiler für :
Update 1.1.0 -- Galactic Statecraft

Denounce Alliance Decision: players can now decide to leave an alliance after one of its members declared a war. They go back to Cold War with all involved parties
Coordination Tool: players in an alliance can now place “pings” directly on the galactic map to display their intentions (attack here, defend here). The AI is sensitive to these pings and also places its own pings
Co-operative Protocol: players in an alliance can now sign this pact. It will provide a faction-specific bonus that scales over time at the cost of an Influence upkeep
Added an “Alliance” specific tab in the chat window
Whisper Improvement. The players can directly send whispers by clicking on the colored button representing a player near the end turn button
Diplomatic Requests: players can now request the AI (and vice-versa) to do actions relating to a certain game context (“remove your trespassing fleets!”). The sending player will be able to react (choose a diplomatic option) in case the recipient refuses the request

Pressure inputs have been made explicit in the “leader card” tooltip (in main diplomacy screen)

A term to generate pressure directly has been added (“Bureaucratic Imbroglio”)
Demands now only have 2 levels (reduced from 3)
“Demand terms” have been added; exotic actions available only for a level 2 Demand
“Refusal Penalties” have been added: refusing a Demand will now apply the selected penalty to the recipient
War pressure:
War Pressure is now different from Pressure graphically
War Pressure trend impact is now feedbacked in battle notifications

Constellation Control
A player who owns the most systems in a fully discovered constellation will now claim a FIDSI bonus for their empire

Empire Chronicles
Hall of fame to record all completed games, allowing to view the final scoreboard along with the victory cutscene

Space Battle
Space battle weapons, defenses and other variables have been tweaked in various ways following player feedback (see “Space Battle” section below for details)

Pirate Lairs: Pirates are no longer spawned by Minor Factions, but by Pirate Lairs which are occupying some neutral systems. Players can destroy these bases by ground battles (and have a chance to get some loot!)
Minor Factions will now spawn their own fleets to protect their systems. These fleets are static and stay on the Minor Faction’s home system

Academy & the Heretic
Orbiting the Lost Graves after completion of the Heretic's quest will now yield dust gain per turn if the Lost have won, and manpower per turn if they have lost
Rewards have been increased for the winning camp's podium of participants
Only the winning camp will be able to recruit Heroes after winning, through either the Academy or the Marketplace, depending on the outcome
Visuals will change on Lost Graves depending on the outcome

Added new visuals: Orbiting space stations as a planet fills up and a system develops
New icons for Privateers & Pirates
Added destroyed planet visual in discovery cinematic
Fixed planet colonization cutscene being displayed and frozen when a ground battle is viewed during the colonization cutscene
Fixed anomalies remaining on screen when entering galaxy scanview
Added new image for finished auto explore notification
Changed the flow of the space battle cutscenes launch to fix an issue that appeared when trying to visualize a battle around a node affected by the Rip singularity
All Minor Factions now have an image artwork in the "Select A Target Empire to Attack" screen

The bailiff system will now first scrap ships before improvements
Improved Influence bailiff system to take into account Co-operative Protocols (will not make players lose the game)

Space Battle
Feedback Improvements:
Added new feedback elements (Flak DPS on Kinetics & Missile Health on Missiles)
Weapon Balancing:
Complete rebalancing of weapons to create more interesting play:
Kinetics now have an accuracy of 10% / 50% / 85%, playing a role of missile counter and strong short range damage
Missiles now have an accuracy of 100% / 50% / 25%, strong long range damage that can take out most Energy ship designs
Lasers now have an accuracy of 50% / 100% / 50%, with good damage. They will tend to defeat Beams and Kinetics, but will have a problem against Missiles
Beams now have an accuracy of 100% / 100% / 100%, with standard damage overall. They are sure to hit and will counter Kinetics. Their accuracy makes them perfect to use with counter tactics, and their critical hits can turn the tide of battle in your favor
Buffed "Advanced MAGGIE Laser": Now has +100% Damage against Shields
Buffed "Advanced HELL Array Laser": Now has +100% Damage against Shields
Defense Balancing:
Buffed: Medium Ships, Large Ships and Motherships have increased Health
Buffed: Doubled shields' absorption, Tripled shields' life
Military Power Balancing
Defensive Military Power is now computed according to modules' values and should be more consistent
Manpower damage is now used to compute Offensive Military Power
Critical Hit Chance is now used to compute Offensive Military Power
Squadron life updates correctly when hit
Fixed squadrons not damaging each other
Fixed Wing Coordination not working
Squadrons now target Arks
Fixed auto ship design not working for Unfallen Explorer and Colonizer Hulls
Second level of "Non-Liquid Assets" now applies its Hull Absorption bonus correctly
Battle theater effects are now listed in the Special Node Discovery notification

Ground Battle
Unlocked Bhagaba special ground battle play ("White flag": slower ownership recovery for invader)
Reduced Tikanan "Swarming Infantry" assimilation trait from -0.5% to -0.15% manpower Infantry cost
Reduced "Monstrous Opponents" assimilation trait from +75% infantry health to +15% infantry health and +15% infantry damage
Rebalanced troop stats:
Infantry: Reduced damage from 20-40 to 12-22
Armor: Reduced damage from 40-60 to 25-60
Plane: Reduced damage from 140-180 to 95-115
Plane: Reduced health from 300 to 200
Plane: Reduced manpower cost from 30 to 20
Lowered manpower generated from "Conscription" from 200 to 175
You now need at least 2 pops to select "Conscription" when defending in a ground battle

Quests and events
The "Acquire" objective of the Riftborn quest "A Plague on Coroz" cannot be completed by custom Riftborn factions using the "Shipbound" trait so this choice is no longer available in that case
Added a Quest Marker on the pirate fleet of the Exploration Quest Dust to Dust: part 3
The Good Life quest will now work if Horatio’s ship is docked to an outpost which has just turned into a Colony
Players now need to participate in a multiplayer quest to obtain a reward
Academy Quest 01 now has a new ending: if a player finds the Academy before the quest ends, then the quest doesn't fail but success and display a new ending outcome
The Cravers Quest "then we cracked the nuts inside” now completes only after the system is captured
The event Riled Researchers now starts from turn 60 instead of 20 to avoid the AI from making choices harmful to its economy
A Swarm of Locusts now informs the users how many fleets they have to destroy in order to receive a reward
New rewards have been added for Deeds
The church triumphant Part 2 now displays the right building in the objective
Fixed Horatio Quest Improvements not working for Custom Factions
Unfallen Quest chapter 2 is now more Vodyani-friendly
Ripple effect now fails only if another Empire destroys the Lesser Empire Fleet
Chapter 3 of the UE Quest: the Mezari Objective now scales with the current science production
Tweaked Quest appearance rhythm overall
Dust to Dust now fails when another Empire or the Lesser Empire attacks and destroys the fleet
The quest no longer fails in "The Good Life" Exploration Quest if the player disbands the Lost Horatio
Use of similar Dust icons for the effects of "A Two-way Street" (Dust gain and Upkeep increased) event could be confusing that's why we now use the same icon (Dust gain and Dust loss)
The Battlestations reward of the "Collaboration or Cataclysm" quest doesn't display a placeholder icon and category anymore
First two parts of the "Fighters and Bombers" quest now display correctly their outcome text upon completion
If the player used to play a custom Faction Horatio, the Horatio faction quest could be endless. It now checks if the original Horatio are in the Empire. If they aren't, then the Quest will end
It is now the same for all the Population Quests: we check if the player has the original population instead of the Custom ones
Lowered Minor Faction relation threshold to ask for a quest from 75 to 50
Changed the cost of asking for a quest from an Influence cost to a Dust cost
To validate the quest Riftborn Chapter 1 part 1: the player has to possess only 9 buildings, and the feedback now reflects it
If the player discovered the galaxy thanks to a shared map in the Sophons Quest Chapter 1 (alternative version) Science choice, the quest wasn't completed. Now the quest can be completed even if the player is helped by someone
In the Lumeris Quest Chapter 1 Science choice, if the player discovered the galaxy thanks to a shared map, the quest wasn't completed. Now if the player is helped by someone, the quest can be completed
"Dominance" and "Acceleration" rewards of the "Collaboration or Cataclysm" quest have now have temporary tooltips, we'll had more descriptive tooltips later
The correct choice is now selected upon confirming a multiple choice quest after the notification was minimized

Added a "Continuum Sculptors" faction-specific tag on "Climate Engineering" tech
Increased “Free Move Sophon” movement points from 2 to 4
Added "All must Tithe II" to the unique alternative technology in case of unique constellation setting
Fixed Lumeris being able to have 5 Trading Companies
Added new Stage 4 Engine
Moved Luxury Lottery unlock to the Atmospheric Filtration technology (previously Neural Robotics)
Fixed issues with Horatio ash and lava colonization unlocks
The technology which allows to unlock Heroes on Marketplace is now displayed in the Tutorial
Fixed the AI being able to trade quest technologies
Arks will now need to unlock additional slots by unlocking stages in the tech tree
Victory Wonder no longer appears in the construction queue before you unlock the stage
Fixed bug where a custom faction with Riftborn pop and Horatio affinity didn't have access to Adamantian mining
The Systems Illumination or Radiance are no longer given to players with Ship Bound or Unfallen Affinity
The deeds are now greyed out when the technology stage is unlocked by the Oracle of Science law
Fixed an issue where "Technology stage unlocked" notifications of Economy and Trade and Military quadrants displayed misleading information

Laws & Politics
Reduced "Deadly Intent Bill" from 50% to 33% damage bonus (75% to 40% for Republics)
Increased effect from "Trusted Broker" law from 2% to 3.5% per turn, up to 50% (from 30%)
Added a passive bonus on Outpost growth (+10%/+15% in Republic) for the "New Colony Rule" law
Updated the effect of the Republic version of the base militarist law for consistency
Removed default bonus pressure to Religious politic
The Attends resolution tooltip has been corrected
"Jingoist Joy Bill" Law does not allow for free war declaration in truce anymore
Changed/Fixed the way the tech to change government, Autocracy and the Cravers visual affinity interact: Autocracy is not linked to the Cravers affinity anymore
Fixed Custom Factions with the Cravers visual affinity being unable to change their government type

Fixed diplomacy cost reduction for peaceful terms
Cravers now require having Pacifists in the Senate in order to do diplomacy
Removed system conversion diplomatic ability from alliances
Made all resources available for trade in Cold War
Removed vetos to accompany new “Denounce Alliance Decision” feature
Lowered Alliance tech from stage 4 to stage 3 of Empire Development quadrant
Added Co-operative Protocol tech to stage 4 of Empire Development quadrant
Fixed force truce turn duration being 0 in Endless speed
Fixed Truce tooltip
Allowed Alliance members to trade systems among themselves
Changed and added some texts for the diplomatic demands
Entering cold war from truce with an alliance will no longer display multiple notifications one for each alliance member
Users can no longer use the Praise action without the Off-World Agribusiness tech unlocked
Changed close and open borders icon
Fixed Diplomatic contract evaluation bar the first time a user click on suggest term
Declaring war now cancels all restrictions (from contextual diplomacy) between the empires

Reduced minor factions yields in Manpower
Tweaked bonus values for Minor Factions relations
Increased Essence gained from Hunting Grounds from 10 to 100 / turn
Fixed Virtual Dustylizer Star System Improvement not being queueable
Fixed "Interspecies Cooperative" not properly applying its bonus for Friendly relation
Added system effects to Wonder victory obelisks
Increased cost of Wonder victory obelisks in strategic resources
Rebalanced Conquest Victory thresholds
Increased the costs of Victory Technologies
Increased adv strat cost of all improvements, wonders and quest improvements
"Luxury Lottery" improvement now does not unlock for Horatio (they only have their specific improvement)
Constructing the "Zelevas Incarnate" improvement while having "Harmonious Development" trait and 3rd threshold of the "Pacified Collection" bonus will no longer cause the game to remain stuck
Fixed the registry formula for the Outpost Decolonization refund. The formula for the refund uses the same formula as the original cost, which takes into account the amount of colonies+outposts (which increases when you create the outpost, hence the refund being bigger than the original expense). Added offset to the formula to compensate
Fixed an issue: vertical Culture was constructible even if the player did win the metaplot
"High Gravity" and "Low Gravity" anomalies can no longer be on the same planet
Approval system improvements now take the correct number of turns for their level
Stopped Shipbound factions from exploiting the interaction between Praise and Leaching, and increased Relation penalty for Leaching
Made Tiny Galaxies more compact: they should now contain 36 nodes rather than 24
Fixed players being able to have both standard and faction-specific improvements on a system
Industry costs of Riftborn populations now scale with game speed
Arks health and manpower stock is now impacted by their system level
Added prerequisite on hot planets to prevent the anomaly Ice-10 from spawning
The "Capitalist Frenzy" infinite system improvement now replaces the "Public 3D Printing" infinite system improvement
The "Capitalist Frenzy" infinite system improvement is no longer identical to the "Political Theater" infinite system improvemen
Fixed "Fold Singularity": No longer gives negative dust if System Dust income is inferior to 0
Fixed issue with count of Anomalies and Moons not being incremented correctly for laws and other improvements that use it
The information displayed inside the system construction panel are now updated after singularities are removed
When a fleet or system loses maximum manpower, the excess is given back to the empire
The approval gained from terraforming a planet is now properly displayed
"Federated Procurement Office" empire improvement reward from the "Preserver of Nations" Deed now has correct tooltip

Fixed Horatio Hero Starting Skill tooltip wrongly displaying +2 Food per Population when it was +1 Food per Population
Virtual Endless Hero obtained through quests now appear at level 8 instead of 5
Reduced "Enhanced Astronavigation" tier 2 hero skill from x3 to x2 Free movement speed

Changed: Warcount truce & declaration handling
Changed: Retreat handling more accurate
Changed: Fine tuning on negotiation evaluation
Fixed: AI now more reactive in encounters
Fixed: Fighter/bomber ship design tweak
Fixed: The AI now uses ships in hangar with more efficiency
Fixed: Issue in balance contract resource amount adjustment
Fixed: Allocation problem on vine ship and leecher making the AI slow to respond
Fixed: AI no longer creates many D.Star type ships equipped with Core Crackers causing performance issues in the later stages of the game
Fixed: Several fleet behavior problems that could get AI fleets stuck
Optimized AI speed
Fixed: Issue with the maximum amount of resource during balance contract
Fixed: Diplomatic infinite loop
Fixed: Spam loop message blockade
Added fix for Unfallen rooting

Fixed Multiplayer session desync due to inconsistency in the perceived DamagePerSecond element of a ship
Fixed session desync due to inconsistency in the perceived hull plating element of a ship
Fixed desync on trade route leaching values.
Fixed desync on hot join after the United Empire outpost "Traitor's reach" was awarded
Sending several leech fleet actions while lagging in multiplayer should no longer produce unwanted behavior
Fixed UI error when host leaves in multiplayer
Fixed a desync related to the "Tree of World" natural wonder

General & Misc
Increased the size of the faction selection window and fixed the sort of the factions
Added darker tone font colors when the background is yellow
Changed Color of the Overpopulation Icon to better match the overpopulation gauge next to it
Fixed an error occurring when 3 anomalies belong to a planet
Fixed an assert generated when hovering the mouse cursor over the Virtual Dustylizer system improvement while having only Riftborn or custom Riftborn population units
Fixed several errors caused by root action and contextual diplomacy
Fixed fleets seeing things when they are forcefully moved
Fixed non-depleted planet localization
Fixed Content Citizens II having the same Custom Faction cost (10) as the first level
Fixed an issue where the user would get stuck when quitting a session while a save file is generated
Fixed some cases where systems could not be vined by Unfallen when around decaying systems
Fixed Vodyani hunting grounds failing to destroy planetary improvements and thus remaining forever (or until someone else colonizes the system)
Fixed an issue where using "." in a save game name could result in the save game not appearing
Increased Unfallen Vine network range
Fixed an issue where, on some resolutions, construction costs of ship designs Ship Design Edition Panel were overlapping
The ship construction cost is now correctly updated after making changes to a ship design and using the "Reset Design" button
Fixed save name containing [MODDING TOOLS] when trying to overwrite a save created with modding tools
The tooltip of the Quick Start main menu button now displays some information about which settings it will use like the faction, the competitor count, the game speed and the game difficulty
Fixed probes appearing at the center of the galaxy for a short period when using the launch probe action.
Modified the web API in order to display the news sorted by date
Forbid the player to Quit Game between turns to avoid some stuck situation
Fixed Notification errors when releasing contextual diplomatic exchanges
Fixed multiple planet tooltips in the Custom Faction Creation screen that displayed an unknown negative "on Planet" value
Fixed selection issues with hangars and civilian ships
G2G text is no longer clipped on error window
The word "Valider" should not be cut off randomly in the game anymore
Fixed Unknown result battle report notifications when accepting to watch a battle while already watching a previous battle
Fix wormholes not appearing sometimes in twin elliptic galaxies
Fixed Technology Hint tooltip on Reduce Anomaly Button on Planet Label in Management view
Fixed Arks requiring industry to build in Slow & Endless difficulties
Added a blink effect to the destroy button when the player can destroy a planet
Fixed faction name cut-off in the minor faction tooltip
The luxury resource tooltip in uncolonized systems is no longer out of bounds
Fixed some highlighting issues during the "Into The Great Beyond" beginner tutorial
"Gearing up" tutorial is now triggered only if the user has access to the military screen

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Re: Neuer Patch 1.1.0 (16.11.2017)

Beitrag von Teppic » 17. November 2017, 20:24

schon gesehen? Dieses Wochenende ist ES2 über Steam kostenlos, also noch für 3 Tage zur Probe spielbar.
Auf der Community Seite zu Endless Space2 wird diese Aktion im weiteren Rahmen erklärt. Kurz heruntergebrochen, je mehr Leute das Spiel probieren und anspielen, desto mehr kostenlose Inhalte bekommen diejenigen Spieler, die das Spiel besitzen und nicht nur anspielen. Doch auch die Besitzer des Spiels werden gezählt und können dafür sorgen, dass mehr Inhalt zu Verfügung gestellt wird.
Spoiler für :
(Warum machen Sie das?
Amplitude wahrscheinlich testet die Reichweite seiner Community und damit auch die potentielle Nachfrage - Erklärbär Ende)
Und habt ihr Lust reinzuschnuppern?

Übrigens gibt es nun einen aktuellen Trailer von Amplitude zu der letzten Erweiterung: