Egypt: Old Kingdom

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Egypt: Old Kingdom

Beitrag von clarusvictoria » 29. Januar 2018, 17:05

Greetings from Clarus Victoria, developers of Egypt: Old Kingdom!

With the permission of Writing Bull, we would like to introduce you our new turn-based strategy game, sequel to Predynastic Egypt.

The story takes place in the Lower Egypt, where a new settlement is founded by the groups of pilgrims from Hierakonpolis. They had to leave the original settlement due to the lack of resources, and now came to the fertile lands of Nile's floodplain. Their new settlement, Memphis, is bound to be one of the biggest and most famous cities of the ancient world.


In 340 turns and 1360 years of Egyptian history, you will have to develop Memphis from a tiny settlement to the capital of Ancient Egypt, explore the area around it and go even further, establishing various contacts with remote nations. As the king's right hand and closest advisor, you will lead the construction of the city, including famous pyramids and temples in order to worship ancestors and gods. We did our best to diversify players' abilities in the game. There are plenty of tasks on the map: exploration, discoveries, preparing land for the construction, dealing with wild animals. Six dynasties of kings will pass in front of your eyes, determining the fate of Egypt, but you will be with them all along the way, executing their will and ensuring Egypt's flourishing.

A glimpse of enhanced main gameplay:
Russian demo-version is beta-testing now. As soon as we will have an English version, it will be presented to German players first!

If you would like to stay informed about our progress, please follow us here:



There are few more screenshots for you:
пирамида иби.png
пирамида джосера-2.png

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Re: Egypt: Old Kingdom

Beitrag von writingbull » 30. Januar 2018, 10:19

Selbstverständlich könnt ihr als Forenuser hier auch auf deutsch schreiben und diskutieren. Aber wenn ihr eine Frage an die Entwickler habt, dann schreibt bitte Englisch - sonst verstehen die nämlich nur Bahnhof! ;-)

Thanks a lot to the devs to show their upcoming game here and to give all fans of their last game the opportunity to discuss their new project directly with them. :-BD
I had recorded those let's play series about Predynastic Egypt, the last project. There were a lot of very interested viewers, and many of them bought the game to travel to Egypt and to build a civilization.
If you have any questions to the devs, please don't hesitate to ask them! ;-)

Dicken Dank den Entwicklern, dass sie ihr neues Projekt hier vorstellen. Den Vorgängern Predynastic Egypt hatte ich euch in einem Let's Play gezeigt. Eure Reaktionen waren überwältigend, es gab sehr, sehr viele begeisterte Zuschauer. Viele von euch haben dieses entzückende Rundenstrategiespiel auch gekauft - und haben die Indie-Entwickler damit ermutigt, ihr neues Projekt diesmal vom Start weg auf deutsch vorzulegen.
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Re: Egypt: Old Kingdom

Beitrag von Asathor456 » 30. Januar 2018, 19:44

Ich hatte sehr viel Spaß mit dem Vorgänger und freu mich total auf ein weiteres Spiel. Vor allem aufgrund des doch eher unverbrauchten Settings (Nein, ich meine nicht Ägypten, sondern die Ethnogenese... btw, kennt jemand Spiele die ähnliche Themen behandeln?). Ich freu mich weiter drauf :D
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