Starpoint Gemini Warlords - Kleine Idee für ein let's Play

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Re: Starpoint Gemini Warlords - Kleine Idee für ein let's Play

Beitrag von Tiefsee_Gaming » 23. April 2018, 14:50

Ich finde, wir sollten dieses Spiel nicht aus den Augen verlieren, deshalb ein kleiner Nachtrag. Vielleicht gibt es ja doch den einen oder anderen Fan dieser Reihe. ;)
Zwischenzeitlich sind ja schon ein paar DLC´s veröffentlicht worden und das Spiel hat eine große Fanbase, die das Spiel überwiegend positiv bewerten.
Heute haben die Entwickler ein großes Update 2.0 zum Download angekündigt:

Trailer Update 2.0

Dear space captains!

After a lot of work, and a lot of suggestions by players, we've just released large free update that pushed Starpoint Gemini Warlords to version 2.0
Since there are so many new things to try, allow us to skip the long introduction and get straight to the point - list of changes :


• Diplomacy overhaul


• Factions will react if you try to connect to their satellites or hack them
• If you lose a station, there's a chance an allied or neutral faction will contact you and offer to retrieve the same station for a certain amount of credits
• If you lose a part of your fleet in a battle, there's a chance an allied or neutral faction will contact you and send you a certain amount of resources to compensate your loss
• Factions will react if you build Proxima shipyard
• Factions will react if you start Proxima research
• Factions will react if you end Proxima research
• Factions will react if you make a planetary assault

The rest

• Wormhole civilian tasks are improved on align change
• Scrolling with the controller on Info menu list is now available
• RECORDS Bonuses can now be scrolled with the controller
• Improved font readability in certain cases (better kerning)
• SHIPBUILDING interface button is disabled until you obtain a Hangar Level 1 in HQ, with an explanation why it is disabled
• Press View button on the controller to reveal hints on Starchart
• Hint for Command Points on Starchart
• Hint for SuperCapital Ship on Starchart
• Hint for Civilian tasks on Starchart
• NEW GAME Story Campaign and FREEROAM modes are now separated, if you're playing Vanilla game or any DLC, except Cycle of Warfare
• Hints for FOW, Camera and Select modes on small HUD icons added (previously available only on the mouse)
• Hint on Trader menu for Double-click and Shift-click options added
• Hint on a station; it says Toggle Station Interface instead of Toggle Station HUD
• Fixed and re-added troopers menu
• Fixed GPU related causes of crashes, especially on weaker GPUs
• Fixed one small memory leak
• Fixed a cause of performance drain in script system affecting long play sessions
• Fixed several minor visual glitches
• Fixed several Mod problems + improved output warnings and errors caused by mods

Hope you'll enjoy the new content, and as always we're standing by for your reactions and further ideas!

Safe travels and watch out for these new rabid factions!

LGM Games
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