Master of Orion: Early Access Phase 2 - die Änderungen

Seid ihr bereits der Herrscher von Orion? Oder möchtet ihr einer werden? Wie auch immer: euer Weg zu Master of Orion sollte euch zu diesem Ort führen.
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Master of Orion: Early Access Phase 2 - die Änderungen

Beitrag von writingbull » 25. März 2016, 23:27

Seit heute Abend ist Master of Orion in der sogenannten Early Access Phase 2.
Das sind die offiziellen Patch Notes:


Three new playable races: Klackon, Meklar and Terran Khanate
Improved Artificial Intelligence
Difficulty levels introduced
Custom Race creation enabled
Improved and rebalanced racial perks
Improved tactical battles
New victory condition: Technological
Revamped combat screen
Support for Mac OS X (Not optimized yet, please take a look at our recommended specs)
Text localization support for: German, French, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese
Over 350 Bug Fixes

Detailed Changes

Three new playable races: Klackon, Meklar and Terran Khanate
Klackon Traits (Tireless, Uncreative, Hive-minded)
Homeworld Minerals: Poor
Uber Planet: Cavernous (transforms from Arid)
+50% Food from Population
+25% Production from Population
Starting Tech: Biology
Meklar Traits (Industrious, Erratic, Unpredictable)
-50% Food Consumption
+25% Production from Population
Ship Auto Repair Enabled (instantly repairs after combat)
Starting Tech: Physics
Terran Khanate Traits (Hard, Determined, Violent)
-20% Ship Production Cost
+25% Beam Attack
+20% Command Points
Starting Tech: Engineering
Support for Mac OS X (Not optimized yet, please take a look at our recommended specs)
Custom Race creation enabled
New victory Condition: Technological Victory
Improved ship auto-upgrade
Improved tooltips for morale
Added missing holograms in Breakthrough (research) screen

Gameplay Balance
Racial Perks have been re-assigned and re-balanced
Alkari - New trait: Ship Combat Speed Bonus
Bulrathi - New trait: +25% Ground Combat Rating
Human - New traits: +25% Trade Treaties bonus; Improved Disposition from diplomacy
Psilon - New trait: -25% Ground Combat Rating
Sakkra - -25% Food Consumption trait replaced with +50% Population Growth
Research progression and pacing has been rebalanced, especially for the midgame and endgame
Deep Sea Cooling research bonus changed from +25% to +3 and moved to Advanced Engineering (tier 3)
Moon Laboratory research bonus changed from +4 to +6
Improved galaxy generation to increase differentiation of star colors and planets over different galaxy ages
Ships are now upgradable and repairable when orbiting all owned colonies and outposts, as well as allied colonies
Added difficulty levels: Easy, Average, Hard and Very Hard (Average being the one where the AI is playing with the same economical benefits as the human player)
Improved Jump Gates: now built by Space Factory at Warp Points, moved earlier in the tech tree (from tier 7 to tier 6), and travel speed when using them doubled
Re-balanced Racial Biases
Vast improvements on differentiation of races (bonus/malus, strategy, diplomacy, etc.)
Enabled 8 races for Circular Large galaxy (was 6 because the races restriction for EA1); Spiral currently remains limited to 6
Music and Voice Over has been properly balanced

Artificial Intelligence
Fixed bug in AI asking for invalid technologies
Fixed OffensivePact send WarDeclaration in Client and DespiseBreakPromise check
Improved colonization behavior: Now the AI is able to manage multiple Colony ships at the same time and its colonization schemes are not hindered by its war efforts
Improved war preparation: Defensive and offensive analysis has been improved
vastly improved production
Improved Strategic analysis: AI will make more decisions based on chances of obtaining different victory conditions
Improved Strategic analysis finetuning of potential targets for war
Improved handling of multiple war fronts
Performance optimization in engage task
Improved combat analysis: New formula for estimating relative fleet strength
Defensiveness personality trait now used in defense formula

Tactical Mode ( --> Diskussionsthread )
Monsters collision/avoidance boxes fixed
Fixed Space Dragon 3D mesh
New Combat Screen with detailed information on fleets
Pause as a mechanic: Tactical battles start in paused mode in order to make the important initial tactical decisions
Fixed range feedback on tooltip and overlay
Size of pirate ships has been Increased
Added civilian ships to tactical battle: They hold their ground at the back of the battlefield and flee if they get attacked
Added Retreat option: Ships must reach the edge of the battlefield and warp out to successfully retreat
Several fixes for tactical UI
“Tactical” button replaced with “Take Command”
”Simulate” button replaced with “Auto-Resolve”
Added Speed and Range Controls (Implementation, Integration into the game)
Added Tactical Options (Pause on Options, Esc brings Options, Confirm Simulate on Leave, Populate Options Menu accordingly).
Added Persistence to tactical options
Fixed Facing, size and modifiers costs
Intro improvements

User Interface
Changes in arrow icon and jump gates
Animation changes on Main Menu and Single Player
Added buildings list to manage structures
Added UX components for speed and range controls
Updated Invasion/Bombardment UI
Added buttons to specify how many Troop Transports should be used on a given invasion
New Icons added
Animated Auto-cast feedback added
Fixed a bug where the race name would repeat in the headline

Fixed trading: Player is unable to request Exchange Tech when the player does not have technology for Exchange Tech
Fixed State Machine: Some lines of dialogue where not being triggered as intended

New localizations: German, French, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese
Updated Localizations
New changes on Game Credits screen

Improved Audio Manager
Improved Tactical mode sounds
Improved Strategy mode sounds
Several mixer updates, general click sound updated, "upgrade" button sound added and GNN music loop-able
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